AVAILABLE ONLINE - Please contact Gilly for information about live online courses and individual sessions via Zoom.

Welcome to successful learning for all ages

We’re all learning from the time we are born, as young children, as students, as adults, as parents and on into our senior years. And as we live and learn our brain is changing and developing, growing and evolving, throughout our lifetime. Movement grows the brain and this ongoing process can be supported, focussed and enhanced by the use of Brain Gym/Edu-K. 


Gilly offers individual and group sessions for children, adults and seniors. She presents a variety of mini workshops and courses and facilitates the official training programs for those studying to become a licensed Brain Gym® Instructor/Consultant or a Brain Gym® Movement Facilitator.

Please email me or give me call 07 3892 2417 to explore your life and  learning needs.

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